Adani Power erroneously bids Rs 1,000 crore for Modi suit


In what is being termed an “administrative error”, Adani Power placed a bid of Rs 1,000 crore for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s controversial pinstripe suit that is currently being auctioned in Surat, Gujarat. Modi wore the suit embossed with his full name, Narendra Damodardas Modi, to a dinner with US President Barack Obama.

“We were under the impression that we were bidding for the Gare Palma IV/7 coal block in eastern Chhattisgarh,” said a company representative who preferred to remain unnamed.

Company Chairman Gautam Adani later explained that he had both auction sites open on his computer at the time, and had absent-mindedly pressed “enter” in the wrong window: “I was naturally drawn to the most profitable seams, and only realised my mistake after receiving a text message from SBI saying Rs 1,000 crore had been deducted from my account.”

“I’m still hopeful of getting a coal block though.”

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